Why does my dog destroy?

Destructions can be done in differents ways.

mon chien détruit
Your dog can:

  • Chew objects,
  • Scratch the wall, doors...,
  • Chew and scratch furnitures,
  • Ruin your garden by digging.

    The reasons for this behavior, a little troublesome for their owners, are often linked to :


    Indeed, for many dogs, they spend most of the day at home alone waiting for our return. The act of chewing, scratching the couch to look for a possible treasure help them to make time go faster.

    Lack of exercise

    Lack of exercise can turn your dog into a real "monster". All that build up energy MUST come out and if your dog does not get his daily session, what is better than your couch or your furniture to let off the steam.


    If your dog spends his time following you anywhere. It will be more difficult for him to be alone at home. Therefore, this may cause him anxiety that can bring destructions.

    Your dog may start to chew your personal items.
    Why? Your belongings are soaked with your scent which reassures him. Chewing them increases that smell which reassures him even more.

    If he destroys anything he finds it can be to let off steam. He may be anxious, does not know what to do and strive on the sofa, the door ... which allows him to release his stress.


    We find the notion of pleasure especially in the garden. It is natural for him to dig and he does not necessarily understand our boundaries so it can be difficult to know he cannot dig where the beautiful flowers are planted.

    Some dogs love to chew objects and no matter their age..


    For puppies, teething can be very painful and to relieve all the pain nothing is better than chewing an object.

    It's like for children when their teeth start to come out, it is not a great time and giving them a cold ring ( or other) to chew helps in most cases. For your puppy, it's kind of the same.

    Good to know: teeth can grow up to the age of 7 or 8 months.

    The heat

    Your dog can be hot and need to dig a hole in the garden in order to make a small cool corner.

    How to act?

    It is really important to know that your dog needs exercice regularly.
    Lack of exercise can cause many behavioral disorders like destructions.
    Try to plan your day ahead so that your dog gets his walk and/or game time daily.

    At first, ignore the destructions when you come home... like nothing happened. The fact of being mad, scream, punishing... will not help the situation. Your dog will not associate your anger to the damages (this is already far for him). Greet him as usual and clean out of his sight.

    If you frequently experience this problem, you probably found your dog acting a little guilty and you may think 'oh he knows he did something wrong by destroying the sofa!!' But no, he knows that every time you come home, you're angry. He does not really know why and come crawling (we never know).

    Now, Here are some tips that it is good to put in place to prevent this kind of problem:


    Exercise is essential in a dog's life. A walk, a good session of games before you leave is ideal. Thereafter, your dog will have externalized all his demons and will be much calmer when you are away. He may even be ready to take a nap, which is ideal to avoid damages.

    Give him something to do:

    If your dog is bored put at his disposal tempting toys such as Kong or Busy Buddy, Dog Activity games... If he needs to chew, give him a Antler, Goughnuts toy, tools like a rope (special dog) or your old socks knoted will be great to release the teeth's pain.

    Reduce his anxiety:

    We invite you to read our space "My dog is anxious" for more information and advices.

    Create a space for him in the garden:

    Arrange him a special place where he can dig as he wants. For this, install a sandbox that you can place in soil.

    You can also create your own sandbox. Read our space below" Which tools?"


    To initiate him to use the dig area, hide a bone, treats or toys he likes and encourage him to dig to retrieve. Be generous on Bravos and other Hurrah. If you see him digging in your flowers say a 'NO' then simply point him toward his digging space. Maybe take one of his toy and throw it in the sand box or bury it in front of him.

    Make his favorite spots not so good anymore:

    Put Tabasco, pepper, dog's faeces (poop), foil paper or a special dog repellent product where he used to dig and also on furniture that he likes to chew (avoid poop :)).

    Plant or place "Coleus Canina", the plants's leaves secrete a scent that our companions (dogs and cats) do not like at all.

    Purify your garden:

    Rid your yard of moles and other small animals who can live underground.

    Fence underground

    You can place a fence where your dog is accustomed to dig. Dig a little, place the grilling flat and replace the grass layer on top. Next time, he tries to dig he will be surprised by this annoying grid and because he cannot get his way, will abandon ( watch that it does not hurt the claws and pads).

    Fence around

    Place a fence around the area you do not want your dog to dig in.

    Refresh him

    If your dog is hot, bring him inside or buy him a cool carpet, necklace, bandana or refreshing coat. (See below)

    Do some reseach

    Before adopting a dog, do as much research as possible on which breed would fit your living style better.


    Which tools?

    Here is a list of different products you can use.

    Feel free to clic on the name of the product, it will bring you to an area where you can get it.

    The dog behaviorist/ trainer

    “Tool” extremely convenient because he/she knows the subject very well and can help you apply the right methods without wasting time.


    Jouets Malins

    The smart toys as Busy Buddy, Kong, KONG Extreme or Dog Activity allow your dog to have fun trying to recover the little treats placed inside which will entertain him so he forget his bad habit.
    Dogs are crazy about these products and of course they can be used without moderation (just make sure you reduce his food volume to avoir weight gain ):)

    jouets a macher

    The chewing toys as ropes, antlers, Goughnuts are specially adapted if your dog needs to chew.
    The sand box

    You can find them online, in a store or create your own by digging a square or a rectangle (the size depends on the size of your dog but on average Width: 1m Length: 2m depth: 25cm ). Then position the boards around, against the earth and fill with sand.

    The hormone diffuser (DPA)

    This is a system that diffuse artificial hormone to calm the dog. Recreated by veterinarians, this hormone " the apaisine " is the hormone that all nursing mothers transmit to reassure their pups and remains effective for an adult dog. Totally natural, there are no cons-indications. Available as a collar, spray, diffuser to plug the wall and even tablet.

    Bach Pet Rescue Remedy

    It is flower essences that target an emotional state and soothe. There are 35 different flowers for different emotions.
    Basically developed for the Human Being , it has been shown that our pets react very well to these natural products.
    Therefore, a Rescue Pets formula, alcohol free, is reserved and adapted to the emotions of pets.
    Some examples to use Rescue Pets : in case of stress, before a visit to the vet or groomer, during a thunderstorm, a master of change, after a shock, fear, abuse ...
    Use: Four drops directly on her tongue, a treat, a food or in the water. To renew, if necessary up to 6 times a day.
    There are no cons-indications but do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for help/ advices.

    The refreshing tools

    The refreshing mat
    The refreshing collar
    The refreshing bandana
    The refreshing jacket
    The refreshing harness

    Dog repellent
    They are designed to be safe for your dog and to keep them far from their target.


    Available in stores. Seek advice from a professional who will direct you to the type of fence that best suited your dog.


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